Sunday, September 18, 2016

War Brides of Japan: More Missives from the Road


one-thousand apologies for our late posting, but we've been so busy on the road!

from Hollywood, to Oxnard, to Fillmore, to Laguna Woods, to Tucson, to Clovis and Fresno, to Elk Grove and Sacramento, to San Jose and San Francisco California, to Tacoma and Kirkland Washington and beyond--we've been meeting and filming the most amazing war brides, their adult children, grandchildren, hosts and hostesses, donors and many others.

see for yourself (all production stills courtesy Sean Hardin):

Roleta, daughter of a war bride, with hubby and dog in Fillmore 

Margie and her war bride mother, Asako, in Laguna Woods

M, daughter of a war bride, shows off her kimono with hubby in Tucson
director Yayoi with war bride daughter Diana, and her hubby, in Clovis
Diane, her war bride mother Fumiko, and sister Myokei in Elk Grove

Yoshi, daughter of a war bride, in Sacramento

Jean, daughter of a war bride, displays Chinese zodiac in San Jose's Japantown restaurant

J-town, San Jose

War Brides of Japan donor Lenore with director Yayoi in San Francisco

War Brides of Japan donor Kareem in Seattle

War Brides of Japan donor Silvia with director Yayoi in Tacoma

son of a war bride, Mike, with wife Linda, sister Doris, her granddaughter Alana, and their Japanese cousin in Tacoma

sisters Doris and Cassie, daughters of war bride

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ja, mata ne!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

reLAXing with the War Brides of Japan

mina-san, konnichi-wa!

at last we're here at LAX. that is, director Yayoi is here and awaiting production manager Sean.

War Brides of Japan director Yayoi with interviewee Roleta Fowler Vasquez
but wait, that was Friday and it's now early Saturday morning. War Brides of Japan has arrived!

on Thursday, Sean and Yayoi did an inventory check of film equipment, then headed to Santa Monica--Yayoi's old stomping grounds. after shooting b-roll of promenades, piers and such, they found themselves lost in Hollywood--looking for their hostess' abode complete with hairpin turns in the hills. whew. but what a view!

their hostess with the mostest was sweet enough to stay up late and feed them when she herself was tired. arrigatou gozaimashita, Ann Carli!

the next morning, Friday, Sean and Yayoi headed to Oxnard to film a historian at the Pacific Ocean.

then, they headed to Fillmore and Roleta Fowler Vasquez where she and hubby Joe were kind, cooperative and even had pups and pupus waiting! that is, dogs Ozzie and Ivy along with snacks.

after arriving at Ann's later that night, War Brides of Japan learned they'd been named 'Featured Documentary of the Month' for September, by their fiscal sponsor From the Heart Productions.

stay tuned for more from 'War Brides of Japan' on the road filming.